Walk commands consider undiscovered mimics when stopping movement
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Walk commands consider undiscovered mimics when stopping movement
Using a walk command may stop the PC's movement when a mimic is in sight, even if it's still disguised.

Using walk commands will stop the PC before getting in melee range with an undiscovered and still disguised mimic. This can be exploited to know if an "item" that wasn't there before is a mimic, and thus attack from a distance or flee.

How to reproduce it
Find a mimic or wish for one. Step back and put the PC in a position similar to this.

The '(' is the mimic in disguise, of course. Then try to use any walk commands that would immediately put you on melee range with it - in this example, w6, w9 and w3. They will not work, despite the fact the disguised mimic is an item as far as the PC knows, and this doesn't happen with real items.

No turns pass when using a walk command in the above circumstances.
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Issue Number 1211
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I have experienced this countless times.

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