Walking against a wall produces bizarre behavior
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Walking against a wall produces bizarre behavior
Walking north against a wall caused me to walk east or west in the corridor, depending on which way I had been moving before.

Standing against a wall like this:
If I move east, then walk north (using key sequence '6w8'), my character does not walk north, but rather walks east.

Walking into a wall, instead of being a reliable means of cancelling the walk command, now might cause the character to walk through the corridor, depending on the layout and the last direction the character moved. It is predictable, following a clear pattern, and so I see that this is (most likely) intentional programming.

However, it is also bizarre, counterintuitive, and horrible. If I say walk north directly into a wall, I surely do not want to begin walking east down the hallway.

I am guessing this is related to the fix for issue 128.

I now know to use 'z' to cancel an errant Walk command. But I am deeply disturbed to know that if I command my character to walk in a certain direction, I may begin walking in another direction entirely.

--------------- Background story:

I was in the pyramid, trying to move carefully because there were still plenty of undiscovered traps about. I had backtracked a bit to kill a mummy, and used Walk to get back to the spot where I was had been searching, then used Walk - Search 'ws' to find a secret door.

However, I then accidentally pressed 'w' again and thought, "Oops! I don't want to keep walking. I'll... just walk against the wall, that'll cancel that movement." So I pressed '8' for up against the wall, north. My character began walking west. Right into a fireball trap. But no permanent damage, thankfully. :)
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11-02-2012 08:26 AM
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You are correct, it's a bug.

11-04-2012 10:09 AM
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Fixed. Now walking directly into a wall doesn't start the walk mode anymore. Just for the record, this behaviour was already present in 1.1.1. :)

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