Walk mode not canceled due to item destruction
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Walk mode not canceled due to item destruction
An item in my pack got destroyed, and I kept on walking

Especially poignant because it was the Tower of Eternal Flames and the pack item that was destroyed was my blessed fireproof blanket.

Walk_Carefully = true

I suspect this is deliberate, in order to avoid stopping the walking character when food rots away, since other types of item destruction during walking are rare. Perhaps it's possible to let the food-rot walker continue, but stop the walker upon encountering other cases of item destruction.

Background Story:
I saw "Your blessed fireproof blanket is finally damaged beyond repair!" and I thought, "Ah, boogers. I'd better go ahead and bless that backup blanket." But my character kept on going down the corridor. I called out "WHAT?! Why are you still walking! STOP STOP STOP" but the program didn't hear my words, and all my keypresses accomplished nothing until I reached the next room.
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