RFE: changes in Literacy skill and reading scrolls
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RFE: changes in Literacy skill and reading scrolls
Scrolls are now unrealistically difficult to read

I really dislike how reading scrolls has been changed from version 1.1.1. I can see the idea that Literacy should affect your success reading scrolls, but currently this puts me off playing most semi-literate character classes, since reading scrolls seems too prone to failure. Also, training Literacy is now more difficult than it should have any realistic right to be.

For example, it's a bit silly that a character with 70+ literacy can first first fail then succeed to read a scroll of warning, and then fail to read the exact same scroll again. Also, you'd think a scroll of darkness once read would be simple to decipher when found again, even with a Literacy score of less than 100.

My suggestion is to implement some sort of literacy threshold (i.e. 75?) after which you can automatically read any scroll, and another threshold (50?) after which you automatically succeed in reading a scroll of a familiar type (meaning a type successfully read earlier). This would make the skill a bit more realistic and make non-wizards more enjoyable to play. Or is it just me who hates wasting a scroll?
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12-10-2012 03:00 PM
The Creator
I have simplified scroll reading a bit more once again.

08-09-2015 04:32 PM
Ancient Member
I have to bring this up again.
I have a thief character with 50 literacy and 16 learning.
When I tried to read scrolls (uncursed ones), I failed around 90% of the time.
That wouldn't be so bad but the problem is the scrolls disappear right away.
One failed read and one scroll lost.
I think this is too severe, the chance for scrolls to disappear upon failed reading should be lower for characters with at least 50 literacy.
At this moment I'm in HMV, ready to sell things I don't need, but I can't because out of 6 kinds of unidentified scrolls, only one was successfully read and identified as scroll of power.
I was lucky to find a scroll of uncursing in black market so that was IDed as well.

At the very least, make the chance to fail/disappear for scrolls of identify much lower than it is right now.
I'm supposed to be at least a fair reader but the game treats me like an analphabet.

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