Picking Pockets raises artifact count without creating them in game (again)
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Picking Pockets raises artifact count without creating them in game (again)
Because the last was marked as 'duplicate', when it actually wasn't one. :)

The issue that JT linked as a 'duplicate' was that gremlins could be pickpocketed. However, the issue listed here is a different one: picking pockets, particularly a *lot* of pockets, is raising the artifact count in the game. Artifacts are being created in the FLG without ever being *actually* created, from what the individual was saying. If that's the case, it's possible it could happen with *any* pocket-picking; the effect is just more noticeable with gremlin-bombing because that is where enough is being done that tons can be generated.

Repeating what was said there:

I have been testing this extensively: picking pockets for thousands of turns (Gremlins in WDL comes to mind) raises artifact count. SPend some 100000 turns in there and you will have >20 artis generated, of which you will have pickpocketed only 3-4.

The artifacts are NOT present in the lair: acidball clearing of lair confirms that.

My suspicion is that it has to do with how the pickpocket mechanics work, and since I don't know it it is just a guess:

IF when pickpocketing, a random item is decided before, and then it is either given or discarded depending on its weight <10s, then it would explain this problem beautifully.

Of course, this isn't much of an issue for people who aren't gremlin bombing, but nevertheless it would be possible for an artifact or two to be permanently lost during normal gameplay.

I have 3 saved files that I can email to whoever wants to work on this that prove it. It is repeatable, time and again.
If this is as is written, the problem isn't just gremlin-bombing, but with *any* game where pickpocketing is done.

Re-adding it because the other was marked as 'duplicate', and I'm not sure if old RFEs are checked again once they are marked off as fixed/duplicate/whatever. :)
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09-14-2013 08:13 PM
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I should have written why I closed the other issue: while fixing the gremlin problem Thomas added code to prevent artifacts from being generated while pickpocketing monsters. So this shouldn't happen anymore in the more recent prereleases.

09-15-2013 06:51 PM
Ah! Gotcha, then. :)

Although, sadface. No more pickpocketing artifacts. :(

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