Accidentally pressing enter in a dialogue prompt can kill a PC or lose all of their gold
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Accidentally pressing enter in a dialogue prompt can kill a PC or lose all of their gold

If you press enter when recharging wands the game will use maximum PP (not current PP) easily killing the PC. (And even if it used current PP that's not something players want to do, you accidentally press enter a lot more than you need the feature)

Same thing when improving stats with garth, press enter accidentally and say goodbye to 50k gp for almost no gain (oh you'll get one stat increase for all of your money).

I suggest remove the enter feature completely from these situations, they do not happen so often that the feature would be needed to begin with. If the player wants to use all of his money then he can explicitly input that, same thing with PP.
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10-04-2013 01:25 PM
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Are you sure about the recharging? This was fixed in issue 117 by changing the default value. If you press ENTER nothing should happen right now.

We could do the same for the garth situation, i.e changing the default to 0?

10-04-2013 04:17 PM
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Please do keep the default on maximum for dropping though, one often wants to drop an entire stack and not type in the amount.

10-05-2013 03:14 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by Stingray1
Please do keep the default on maximum for dropping though, one often wants to drop an entire stack and not type in the amount.

Specifically I did not mean that remove the feature from everywhere, it's a useful feature in most places, but these two came in mind that are harmful. And to jt, you might be right, I died in 1.1.1 last time when I tried recharging wands.

10-05-2013 04:39 PM
jt jt is offline
Ok, here is a list of all places where a number can be entered (and their default value):

- recharging wands: 0
- calm monster: all pieces
- drop item: all pieces
- picking up items: maximum allowed by weight restriction
- offer sacrifice: all pieces
- give item to monster: all pieces
- pay debt in shop: your debt
- pay tuition to Garth: 0 (new)
- buy from ratling trader: 1
- master thief lessons: 10
- wand of far slaying: full PC power

10-06-2013 01:24 AM
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We should take into account how often the default action is used and how big of an impact it is to accidentally press enter.

- Recharging wands: sensible default.
- Calming a monster isn't often done, but the impact is quite low as well because you can just kill the monster if you accidentally give all your money to it I think.
- Give item to monster: I'd perhaps change this as well because you can accidentally give all of your money to a beggar for example. I mean it makes for a happy beggar for 10 seconds before you slaughter it. I'm not even sure if you reclaim your money. This function isn't that often used either so changing the default from all pieces isn't that hurtful.
- Drop item: keep the same, function used often and low impact if accidental -> just pick it up again.
- Picking items: same thing as with dropping them.
- Offer sacrifice: I feel like players wouldn't that often sacrifice all their money instead of sacrificing small or medium amounts so the same thing as training with Garth. I'd vote that this is changed to zero or a small amount: if you accidentally press enter on a non-aligned altar and the default sum is too big then you will accidentally convert it, which can potentially have a very high impact. (Only altar in the game, dwarftown altar and priest aggroes and kills you).
- Pay debt: this functionality is used often and the chance of accident is low. If you don't want to buy something you generally just don't have the item in your inventory.
- Pay tuition to Garth: reason this ticket was made.
- Buy from ratling trader: this is already a sensible default, same thing with master thief lessons.
- I don't know if I have the authority to comment on the far slaying wand, I don't really use it that often because it's very random.

So TL;DR I would change

Offer sacrifice to zero or a small amount,
Give item to monster to either 0 or 1.
Pay tuition to Garth to 0.

10-07-2013 07:30 PM
jt jt is offline
Final changes:

- calm monster: 1
- offer sacrifice: 0
- give item to monster: 1
- pay tuition to Garth: 0

10-13-2013 09:37 AM
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Eh, I kinda liked that the default value for sacrificing showed your current amount of gold. Maybe rephrase it something like "How much you would like to sacrifice (out of xxxx)? (Enter=0)", where xxxx is your current amount of that item.

10-13-2013 10:12 AM
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I think Laukku's suggestion would be good for all occurrences where the default is not maximum.

10-13-2013 12:03 PM
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Yes, good idea. I've added the maximum value to all locations where it is not the default.

12-08-2013 07:56 PM
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Please consider adding a config variable to make it possible to switch to the old default values (those described in jt's 10-05-2013 11:39 AM comment, as the change to the Garth dialog makes sense). This new behavior makes it a pain to sacrifice all the gold you are carrying, while with the old behavior it was totally trivial.

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