Mistakes in the manual
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Mistakes in the manual
Outdated information in Appendixes B and D

- In appendix D it says:

"When ADOM is started it searches for a file called 'adom.kbd' (or '.adom.kbd' on Linux systems) in your data directory (call 'adom -d' to determine your data directory)."

However in the current version the file is called adom.kbd regardless of operating system, so the text about the Linux exception should be removed.

- In appendix B it says:

"It is possible to set certain default values for ADOM with the standard configuration file. The name of the file and its location depends on the system you are playing ADOM on. The system-related readme file (readme.linux, readme.dos or readme.amiga) accompanying this distribution will give you more details about this."

However current releases do not include system-related readmes, so that part should be removed. A reference to the FAQ on ancardia.com should be provided instead, and also some text mentioning that the file is called adom.cfg (I believe this is now the name across all platforms).
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Some more mistakes:

- In the section "The Price of the Game":

"ADOM is available for free as long as you honor the license of the
game (either see the file 'license.doc' or type 'adom -b' at your

License.doc no longer ships with the game, so that should be removed.

- In the section "The Game":

"Next, the background of your character will be described. The game
will mention your sex and race (in case fate is responsible for your
race) and then detail your life prior to starting your adventure."

The game mentions the character race even if it hasn't been decided by fate, so the text between parentheses should be removed.

11-27-2013 02:30 AM
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Regarding the paragraph about the character's race. In the same paragraph it refers to the player character in the first(second?) and third person. It would probably be best if the first sentence is also in the first(second?) person? I'm no english grammar expert though, but it doesn't sound right.

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it sounds perfectly good the way it is to me.

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