Chaos Knight "walk" command interrupted even if no damage is taken
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Chaos Knight "walk" command interrupted even if no damage is taken

Non-chaotic chaos knights take periodic fire damage. Without fire resistance or immunity (depending on just how non-chaotic they are), there are still other ways to prevent this damage.

One I've used is the "Immune to Pain" talent, a fairly high-level talent that stops the fire damage. However, even with this setup, with the CK taking no damage at all, "walk" commands are still interrupted as though the character had actually lost HP.

It's handy to have the HP loss interrupt walk when it actually happens, so that you can use First Aid, but if the HP loss isn't happening, there shouldn't be a reason for the CK to forget what he was doing and stand there absent-mindedly every four steps.

This is only an annoyance, but CKs already have so much message spam to start with that it'd be nice if Walk wouldn't be interrupted once you found a way to prevent the fire damage through some way other than actual fire resistance or immunity.
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