Possible to accidentally change tactics settings
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Possible to accidentally change tactics settings
WIthout hitting the tactics keys, it is possible to accidentally change the tactics settings

Since playing 1pre20 with NotEye support I've noticed that sometimes I accidentally change my tactics settings, without hitting either the function keys or Shift-T. This has left me in berserk mode a couple of times, which needless to say can be really bad.

I can reproduce it by doing the following:
1) Maximize the window (might cause framerate/redraw to be slower and thus make this bug possible. I cannot reproduce this bug in classic ASCII mode or on a small screen)
2) Set tactics to "Coward" (I don't think this is necessary but it makes tactic changes much more obvious since any accidental tactics change will show up)
3) Call up the "XP" screen or inventory, or presumably any other screen like that.
4) Immediately after hitting "Escape" to close the screen, attempt to move.
5) If you hit the movement keys fast enough (tried with both "inverted-T" arrow keys and the numeric keypad), the game can change your tactics settings.

Note: While I couldn't reproduce this bug without graphics on, I have sometimes seen
6) Sometimes you will get the spell selection screen to pop up. Note that this is what you get when you hit "escape" on the main game screen, although in my test, I only hit the key one time total, so it should not call up. This isn't really a big problem(I can't see how it would get a character killed), but I figure the info might help you track it down.

I can only reproduce step #5 in maximized 1pre20, but I can reproduce step #6 in 1.1.1 as well as 1pre20, so it is possible bug #5 is theoretically there as well but screen redraw is too fast for it to happen.

I've reproduced this on 2 separate computers.
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Fixed Version ADOM 1.2.0 pre 21
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01-28-2014 03:15 AM
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This is interesting - it might be related to the fact that Esc is equivalent to Alt in some programs/OSes (just a thought).

01-28-2014 05:17 PM
I've seen this happen a lot with the NotEye releases... though I'm not really sure what circumstances it tends to happen under. I mainly see it when exiting menus like the inventory screen. Sometimes the message "Unknown command \8" [or \9] appears instead; it seems, then, that it might be confusing some actions with function key presses?

01-30-2014 07:47 PM
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This is a fix on the ADOM side, I'm not sure if NotEye can be improved too.

SDL returns unicode values which sometimes conflicted with some special bits used to mark Ctrl, Alt and F-key presses. Now higher (unused) bits are used instead.

01-30-2014 08:00 PM
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Yay! Thanks.

01-30-2014 08:08 PM
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In case you press "Esc" + "Cursor left" (or other key combinations) too quickly, ADOM might answer with an "unknown command". But that's better than changing the tactics settings, I guess. ;)

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