Lumps of clay never get destroyed when thrown
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Lumps of clay never get destroyed when thrown
Lumps of clay never get destroyed when thrown

Lumps of clay, when used as missiles, never get destroyed. Since they do the same amount of damage as rocks, this means that collecting/mining a good arsenal of rocks for a rockthrowing character is pointless, as infinite ammo is readily available. It also defeats the purpose of the old tactic of having a backup club or two to throw when the rocks ran out.

Also, one of the *few* advantages of using unorthodox throwing weapons (ie. daggers, spears, axes etc) is the fact that ammunition was indestructible. When a dagger thrower got a good supply of daggers, they could start to enjoy ranged combat without worrying about resupplying. Indestructible clay extends this advantage to the rocks class, and in doing so makes variant throwing pointless.

I've enjoyed throwing clay plenty, but I'm starting to feel that it's taken away a lot more than it's offering.
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