Monsters triggering door collapse don't trigger a message
issueid=2767 03-21-2014 05:17 PM
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Monsters triggering door collapse don't trigger a message

I went to PC:3, and was in a room with one door. Trying to open the door resulted in a locked message, so I pressed w5 to heal before tempting traps/guards. The door disappeared while I was resting with no message and some (not-mimic) gold was behind it, no monster and no door (open or closed, blank tile). I asked about it on IRC and popular opinion is that it was a collapsing door that crushed and killed the monster who tried to open it. If that's the case, and it probably is, then it should have a message. Something like "You see a door collapse onto -foo-."
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03-22-2014 02:56 PM
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There already is such a message but it is only shown if the monster can be seen by the PC. In your case the monster was on the other side of the door so no message was shown. I've added a message for this case.

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