Blankets can be ID'd by color in NotEye
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Blankets can be ID'd by color in NotEye

Basically, you can identify which type of blanket is which, even if you haven't identified the blankets. In NotEye, waterproof blankets are always blue, fireproof red, and plain brown. This is opposed to ASCII, where they are all brown.

I recommend either A) leaving them all colored brown until you ID them (and then they take on a different hue) or B) changing their colors in ASCII as well, to make things consistent.

Obviously very low priority, but it actually makes a big difference for low level characters without scrolls of identify to know if they have a waterproof blanket or not.
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04-26-2014 04:57 AM
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Ona sidenote, colored items should have the color stated in the inventory prior identification. If i see a lone yellow weapon on the floor, i know it's a magical one, but if the same weapon is in a pile of junk and i pick up everything, i can't see it to know that it's magical.

So there is a clear big gap between PC and player parceptions in a place it , imho, shouldn't be.

Blankets should probably be all brown though, but if they aren't, then i agree with the OP, they should be colored in ASCII too, i only play ASCII, for example.

04-26-2014 08:36 AM
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Somewhat related:

Well this is the thing, ASCII vs NotEye is not the same in this regard. In NotEye I can see from 20 tiles away almost exactly what item is lying there, in ASCII you have to be right next to it. Even then you get less information about the item, unless you know your weights well.

04-26-2014 08:53 AM
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Yeah, i-ve noticed that when you 'l'ook at an item lying on a floor tile not next to you it doesn't describe it at all, although it would only be logical to have a description of how the PC sees it, for example: you see a yellow axe, or you see a sword etc.

04-26-2014 11:03 AM
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Blankets are now all brown in tile mode as well until they are identified. If you take a look at the "items.html" file provided with the prereleases, you can see that some items (e.g. gloves and now blankets) all use the same image in unidentified state. We can easily update the list so that more items look the same in unidentified state.

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