More differentiated monster attitudes
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More differentiated monster attitudes

Internally ADOM has been using a variety of so-called "attitudes" to describe how a monster behaves (internally named "aggravated", "slightly aggravated", "standard", "friendly", "peaceful" and "tame"). Currently the look command only differentiates the level of aggravation, being tame and a general "does not care about you".

As our current impression is that there are too many "neutral" monsters in p22 it would be very helpful to get more differentiated feedback regarding monster attitudes. The look command should be adjusted accordingly.

P.S.: If I were to implement this again I probably would get by with aggravated, peaceful and tame or something like that. Maybe even without anything like that and just a more flexible set of goals. But to refactor this involves changing almost all the code and we definitely are not going to venture into this realm... at least not now.
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04-27-2014 04:32 PM
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Well, note as well that, for example if you attack a child with a troll barbarian, he might want to fight with him, you might be interested to make certain monsters like childs, goodwives, and other monsters like goblins, to want to run away from, say, trollish PCs, etc.

I know. If you want to make it easier, you can make 'scary' points.

for example, if your PC is a troll he has +15 scary points, and will scare goodwives. but if he is a hurthling he'll have 2, and goodwives will want to fight him.

In other words

Child = 1 (More than that = run away)
Goodwife = 5
Farmer = 10

There could be other factors that increase such meter, like wielding weapons or being disarmed, etc.

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