Increase sling bullets of -foo- slaying drop chance
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Increase sling bullets of -foo- slaying drop chance

Currently sling bullets of -foo- slaying drop chance are awful (50). As rare as amulet of life saving. Their bow/crossbow counterparts drop change is 10 times higher.

As of now, they are essentially wasted items, which players maybe see in one of ten games and use in one of hundred games.

I suggest increasing sling bullets of -foo- slaying drop chance from (50) to (200), or (500) as of other -foo- slaying missiles if sling bullets are supposed to be equal rarity with arrows and quarrels.
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06-08-2014 03:32 PM
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I agree. The introduction of bullets of -foo- slaying seemed like it could make slings a practical viable competitor to bows and crossbows, but that is not true if the drop chance of slaying ammo is much lower than in bows/crossbows.

06-09-2014 12:43 AM
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I would like the drop chance of these increased too. It would be nice to have the occasional character that specialises in slings. I often play Hurthlings is would seem appropriate. :)
(Also, my first ever pre-crowning gift was Whirlwind, so I love the opportunity to run around doing some serious damage with a sling.)

06-27-2014 05:51 PM
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