Steam version: Too small sell price for AotME.
issueid=3545 01-11-2015 05:42 PM
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Steam version: Too small sell price for AotME.

Hello! I was trying to sell Axe of the Minotaur Emperor with many heros in dwarven city shop. It's always a very small price. For example, my newest dark elf paladin:

- eternium broadsword - 268 gold
- Wyrmlance - 1914 gold
- AotME - 51 gold

Quite small amount for the best weapon in the game ;)
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Issue Number 3545
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Category Windows 7 (Steam)
Status Fixed
Priority 6
Affected Version ADOM r54
Fixed Version ADOM r55
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01-11-2015 11:10 PM
The Creator
Fixed. Actually this affected the prices of all items providing a bonus to melee critical hit probabilities or a speed modifier. Ancient bug. Amazing nobody noticed it for so long.

01-11-2015 11:12 PM
The Creator
Oh, and I also increased the value of the axe in itself as it really has a lot of punch.

01-12-2015 07:56 AM
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Well... it's probably because nobody would like to sell the best weapon in the game :D And I try to test everything that I touch :)

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