The Chaos Diplomat can escape. Is this intentional?
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The Chaos Diplomat can escape. Is this intentional?
Diplomat panicks and escapes despite being the target of a kill quest and inside a palace.

The diplomat panicked and ran off screen with the same message monsters in the wilderness/dwarven graveyard generate upon escaping. It seems odd to me that he would disappear (seemingly) irreversibly from the game seeing as how he is both the target of a quest (a'la Kranach) and inside a palace complex with at least one area between him and the wilderness. Is this behavior intended? Does he take refuge in another location where the PC can later find/kill him? It seems more reasonable either to restrict him from escaping in the same way that Kranach is or to cause him to travel to the next area thus giving the PC the chance to chase him down—or at the very least to trigger a failed quest condition that causes the Ice Queen to acknowledge the PC's failure.
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I forgot report this bug. Because I think this is bug, not feature. Any other unique-quest monster (like Kranach) cannot escape.

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