Beef up the Chaos diplomat
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Beef up the Chaos diplomat
The chaos diplomat is a sitting duck if the ice around him is broken

The chaos diplomat is a new monster included with the addition of the Ice Queen's domain. The second quest of the ice queen entails dispatching him.

The problem is that it's the easiest 'boss fight' in the game. You just walk on the ice squares around him first and he still cannot move anywhere when he finally breaks free from his bonds. Considering the effort required to complete the first quest, I'd say the chaos diplomat could do with an upgrade. Here's a few thoughts:
1 - Give him missile attacks (bow/crossbow)
2 - Make him ignore water
2a- Alternatively, make him able to freeze water.
3 - Give him spellcasting capabilities (barrage of glowing balls, confusion, death ray (everyone's wearing the ACW here anyway))
4 - Make him unequip water breathing granting items somehow
5 - Make him deflect arrows like doppelgangers do
6 - Give him summoning powers (preferrably something that ignores water)
7 - Give him some sort of ability that makes you want to engage him in melee rather than ranged

With option 7 I'm thinking casting corruption waves, karmic properties for missiles or an emulation of the strong winds in the penultimate ice domain level.
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07-20-2015 04:45 AM
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He now ignores water.

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