Avatar of Thieves achievement - not awarded
issueid=4268 02-06-2016 05:32 PM
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Avatar of Thieves achievement - not awarded
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What I did try :

- teleporting out:

- with expensive artifacts previously sold to shopkeeper
- with items generated inside shop, sold for more than 7k (some sold for more than 100k)

- stealing (Thief class)
- expensive artifacts previously sold
- items generated inside shop, some sold for more than 150k (casino) - doing this awarded Ocean eleven achievement, but not Avatar of thieves.

- killing shopkeeper

Did not get the achievement.
Could someone take a look at it please?

If someone got it, could you tell me exactly how to do it? For example - which artifact, which shop?
The wording of the achievement is pretty clear (might me a trick, however - is there a secret internal item value that cannot be observed and none of my 30 high tier artifacts does score 6666? Would be very weird )
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Fixed Version ADOM 2.3.5
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02-06-2016 05:39 PM
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I got it from stealing the amulet of resurrection from barnabus' black market while invisible.

02-06-2016 05:52 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by Blank4u47
I got it from stealing the amulet of resurrection from barnabus' black market while invisible.
Uh, that can only be generated in August, if I am not mistaken :(

Any other way?

02-06-2016 06:04 PM
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"selling" Trident of the red rooster (merchant did not have enough money, but it was possible anyway) and then teleporting away with it works.

However, that was a desperate move and I do not recommend it under any circumstances :)

The weird part is - the achievement caption is everything but clear then. The "item worth" is NOT sell value, that much is obvious. Therefore, it appears to be some internal value, nowhere to be seen, which feels really awkward.
Perhaps the achievement wording needs updating?

10-09-2017 05:16 AM
The Creator
"item worth" now always is the asking price of the shopkeeper. Tested and fixed.

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