Chaotic option for starsigns not allowing choices [Steam beta 2.2.1]
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Chaotic option for starsigns not allowing choices [Steam beta 2.2.1]
Chaotic setting allows you to sometimes pick which starsign your character has - but then ignores your choice and assigns one anyhow.

For example, I roll a character with chaotic starsign, and it chooses to let me pick. Say I pick Falcon - on the next screen, the game shows I've been assigned Raven. If you go back a step, and pick another sign, still Raven. If you go back to 'game setup', this allows chargen to decide again if you're going to get a choice or not, but even if it decides fate decides this time through the chargen process, you're getting Raven again. It's only if you back up all the way to the main title screen that the 'assigned' starsign resets.

Not sure if this is the case with gender/race/class as well, but it might be worth testing on chaotic settings.
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