Almost Everything "Badly Injured" by Elemental Damage
issueid=4439 08-30-2016 11:43 PM
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Almost Everything "Badly Injured" by Elemental Damage

You seem to get the "badly injured" message indicating elemental vulnerability on pretty much everything that isn't resistant to that element. Seems to happen with any elemental attack including bolt spells, wand of fireballs, and drakeling acid spit.
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Issue Number 4439
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Status Fixed
Priority 2
Affected Version ADOM r68 (v2.2.2)
Fixed Version ADOM r69 (v2.2.3)
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08-31-2016 09:52 PM
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Luckily this is a newly introduced cosmetic error. The actual damage is not changed incorrectly.

Fixed for R69.

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