Level 6 Healer Class Power Doesn't Seem to Do Anything
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Level 6 Healer Class Power Doesn't Seem to Do Anything

From the manual:
 At level 6 they regenerate wounds at twice the normal rate, at level 12 they triple their recovery rate.
Starting at level 1 healers naturally heal hit points in half the number of turns that is normal for their race, and also heal one additional hit point whenever they heal (2 hp per healing tick, or 3 hp if month of the Candle). At level 12 the number of hit points gained whenever they heal increases by one again (3 hp per healing tick, or 4 hp if month of the Candle). There doesn't appear to be any change at level 6: the number of turns required for natural regeneration displayed with potion of insight do not change, the average number of turns between healing ticks did not change significantly (compared around 100 intervals), and the number of hit points regenerated per tick remained the same as level 1.
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09-27-2016 07:01 AM
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Fixed. But this actually was a problem with "potions of insight". Internally the correct multiplier already was applied, potions of insight (and other means of insight) just did not report it.

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10-04-2016 08:23 PM
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The output of potion of insight has been improved, but the issue is not fixed: healers naturally heal 2 hit points per tick starting from level 1, and this amount does not increase at level 6.

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