Screen location of the "Loading graphics" bar
issueid=4731 04-25-2017 04:52 PM
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Screen location of the "Loading graphics" bar
Current location covers inportant info

Preloading gfx is nice. But the location of the progress indicator should be lowered a bit to not obscure the first line of the ASCII UI. As it is, ithe first line is unreadable -- so the change would look better visually, plus when I'm speed-rolling a char it wouldn't hide the # of Talents the roll got :)
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04-25-2017 05:18 PM
Ancient Member
This is actually alrady done in the dev version. There's a very slim bar at the bottom - see attached pic.
It's less clear what it's for, we'll see if it's something we need to address based on feedback.

04-25-2017 07:04 PM
I like it. Very slick.

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