General UI: "Use skill" should not tell you what to do and instead just do it
issueid=4836 07-09-2017 06:54 AM
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General UI: "Use skill" should not tell you what to do and instead just do it

Telling someone to use a command to e.g. use the pick axe you have equipped is a tyrant-like approach, but it doesn't feel all that useful ("No, this doesn't work how you thought it works - and although I understand your intent I will now allow it in this way"). So ADOM should try to do more things instead lecturing about how to do them.
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07-09-2017 06:16 PM
Ancient Member
One benefit to the "tyrant" approach is teaching more convenient ways to do actions. For example, if you allow targeting by applying archery, it's still less convenient than using t for targeting. Same for mining by applying mining instead of using a tool. Perhaps keep the nag message, but do the action anyway (similar to the ENTER menu)?

My second worry is for skill filtering. Adding usable skills that you don't really want to use from the apply skills menu brings back some of the clutter. In practice there probably aren't that many of these sorts of skills, but this is something to keep in mind.

07-10-2017 06:00 AM
ixi ixi is offline
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What Grond is saying does make sense. But I'd address it in a different way:

#1 is more about teaching how to do the things conveniently. There was already a subject to integrate "teaching popups" right into the game. So why wouldn't we do that? Say, as soon as I try applying Archery the first time you're giving me pop-up explaining that targeting command would do the trick. Than I might choose not to show it in future (in standalone run - for this PC, in steam - for ADOM at all).

#2: Don't add clutter there please. Say, archery or literacy seem to be really a clutter as you can access them with one command. Smithing and Music doesn't look that obvious to me

07-14-2017 01:29 PM
The Creator
I basically have followed ixi's logic:

1. ADOM now teaches short lessons. These are displayed but once per computer (we do not yet store data in the Steam cloud - so but once ever on Steam is currently not possible).
2. ADOM executes the "better" command after teaching the lesson (or not showing it because it already has been taught).
3. For climbing stairs ADOM asks if you really want to do that.
4. Unusable skills are not displayed in 'use skill' dialogs. Context menus usually offer the alternative commands anyways.

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