Crash when leaving HMV
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Crash when leaving HMV

Left HMV using the south border and was followed by Gaab'Baay. The game crashed with an "Expected chunk 'MSTR' not found." popup, while the auto-save message was shown. Now the attached save file crashes when loaded with a "Couldn't load the game! [LA]" popup.

In case it's relevant, I was hitting Gaab'Baay with a bunch of traps via wands of trap creation while she was in HMV.

EDIT: The issue appears to be related to the traps. I've attached a working save game that can be ruined by zapping a wand of trap creation at Gaab'Baay's location (teleport trap), and then leaving HMV. There's a "No monster to remove at (64, 11)" popup before the MSTR message, and a "Could not remove directory 'C:\Users\Foo\Documents\ADOM/adom_dat/tmpdat/17652'" popup after.
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