Streamline HUD/message buffer display/statistics in the various display modes
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Streamline HUD/message buffer display/statistics in the various display modes

Currently it is possible to configure the message buffer mode independent from the display mode (e.g. you can have an ASCII mode with an endless scrolling message buffer, etc.).

In many cases this did not feel good so that we have decided to unify the behaviour and let ADOM control what gets used according to the display mode:

If you basically prefer to the old ASCII mode way of working you can configure either the ASCII display mode (for the true ASCII experience) or one of the two mini tile modes (mi tile mode or double mini tile mode) to get the ASCII message buffer behaviour together with graphics.

If you love the full graphical experience you can use the tiled mode or first or third person and get the full HUD with graphical icons and the message buffer at the bottom.

The new HUD plus the now functional scaling also will allow you to display all relevant data in the HUD.

Two have these hard-coded connections in our opinion is better because we received a ton of complains from people who switched to ASCII and then were stuck with the "compressed data at the top, messages at the bottom" kind of display.
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