[SPOILER] XXX's pathfinding is wonky in some locations
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[SPOILER] XXX's pathfinding is wonky in some locations

Since Yggaz is coded to not approach regions of Terinyo, you have to do a lot of swapping to get him out. Area limits seem to apply to other locations aside of Terinyo. This makes getting him from place to place a chore.

Swapping is made slightly easier by the fact that he compltely stops when the PC is unreachable (meaning he has no way to approach the PC). If it's not actually intended to make swapping easier, it's possibly a weird/buggy behavior.
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09-19-2017 02:18 PM
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Yggaz is slightly constrained - but if you want him to follow you easily you probably should befriend him :-)

The movement code for when he has been befriended has been slightly changed to make it easier to have him follow around.

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