Beggar inventory vanished
issueid=5172 10-05-2017 10:03 AM
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Beggar inventory vanished

Met a hostile beggar. Gave him 40 gp to try to turn him neutral. He kept attacking, so I led him near a friendly bandit who killed him for me. But my gold was gone.
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Issue Number 5172
Project ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
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Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version ADOM 2.3.3
Fixed Version ADOM 2.3.4
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10-05-2017 12:56 PM
The Creator
Originally this is not a bug as hostile beggars were supposed to do away with your money. I have slightly randomized that effect.

10-05-2017 01:05 PM
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Aha, that would explain it. And I very seldom give money to hostile beggars anyway, I don't know what spark of kindness possessed me to try it. But thieves, for example, never delete your money unless the God of Thieves takes his share, so I expected the same to be true of beggars.

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