Magic Staves Mechanics
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Magic Staves Mechanics
Magic Staves have interesting effects, but their mechanics are boring and promote tedious gameplay.

Magic staves are interesting and useful, but do not really make sense. The main problem is that they are equipped to zap them and then stashed back into the inventory until they have recharged. This basically just adds more tedium to all of the non-combat-oriented staves where the risk of switching your weapon is minimal. Due to their low damage stats, they are almost never used as a weapon or even held in the hands for extended periods of time. I recommend the following changes.

A: Make the recharging based on whether or not they are equipped. The benefit would be actually forcing people to keep the staff equipped (more iconic caster look), focus on a specific staff to get the most out of (making informed decisions), and reduce tedium. Could be implemented by starting a counter from, say, 8000 and counting down each turn - but counting turns the staff is in weapons slot for double or triple.
B: Make staff recharging depend on the Staves weapon skill. This would reward people actually hitting enemies with the weapon. Something like 3-4% per weapon skill seems accepatble. Alternatively reduce the remaining cooldown by a number of turns each time an enemy is hit and damaged with the staff - 1 turn per staves weapon skill seems reasonable.
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11-21-2017 01:10 PM
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I have applied the following changes:
- Recharge times (when not equipped) have been almost doubled (not quite for blessed). Internally there already has been a counter for the number of turns - now it has a larger value.
- Generally this counter is decreased by one per turn (that's the current behavior).
- If an item is equipped the counter is decreased by an extra turn.
- If you attack, it is decreased by an extra turn.
- If you hit, it is decreased by an extra turn.
- If you hit critically, it is decreased by an extra turn.
- If you kill the monster, it is decreased by an extra turn.
We'll have to test this for balancing but I really like the direction this is taking. Excellent RFE!

11-23-2017 08:48 AM
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Maybe not nerf the charge times as bad cause otherwise this change just seems to encourage more scumming (hitting weak monsters with a weak weapon) ( I liked before that staves recharge at decent rate in your inventory) This ends up being a big nerf or tedium/scumming increase, because staves just are pretty weak melee weapons.

Could also improve the damage of staves, so that they are not so weak in melee compared to a solid weapon + shield. Even the artifacts, staff of the wanderer/staff of the archmagi have pretty bad damage sadly( I wanted to make RFE to improve the old staff artifacts) . doing this would be cool and make this playstyle more exciting and viable.

11-23-2017 02:58 PM
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One of the problems with current staves is that there is no way to really control recharge times. You just use it and be done with it. I like this new way because you have control over the recharge time.

That being said, I absolutely agree with making staffs (and two handed weapons in general) slightly better. The staff of the wanderer and archmagi definitly need a buff and a new unique stave ability to go with them. That would be good RFEs to make.

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