Don't make drunken dwarf (and Skriek?) hostile when Hotzenplotz is attacked
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Don't make drunken dwarf (and Skriek?) hostile when Hotzenplotz is attacked

After attacking the crime lord I was in for a nasty surprise as the drunken dwarf became hostile, and calming him down turns out to be extremely difficult if not impossible. There was no warning that this would happen and I didn't think he would be particularly loyal to Hotzenplotz either. Given that most of the unique Lawenilothehl NPCs don't turn hostile when you attack Hotzenplotz, this might be an oversight akin to invisible Khelavaster. Some reliable means to pacify him wouldn't hurt either.

Skriek turning hostile might be an oversight too, although Calm Monster does work on him.
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03-08-2018 08:13 AM
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I think Skriek is fine. He's not crucial to the game in any way.

But I agree that angering the drunken dwarf because of a lawful quest is harsh. Not only is there the need to talk to him before attacking Hotz, but also you must avoid killing him to get to Rolf's lair.

03-25-2018 06:36 PM
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Spoiler alert:
D dwarf will reapear in another city if killed so its not a big deal..

03-25-2018 06:38 PM
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Problem is not killing dwarf req for rolf quest that is unfair...

03-28-2018 08:42 AM
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04-02-2018 06:16 PM
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What exactly was fixed here? Attacking Hotzenplotz still angers the drunken dwarf, and killing the drunken dwarf still bars access to Rolf.

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