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As soon as carrying capacity gets too high, starvation is the most dangerous thread to my chars ;)

Just played a run to get back into the game after a longer break and did pretty well untill my char (level 21) finally managed to solve my carrying capacity issues. Short time later he starved to death on COC level 5 while ascending to darkforge.

I suggest to implement some kind of popup message before the char starves to death, simply because I think that a character should be extremely aware of the torturing hunger that he feels at that point... and well, for me as a player this kind of death is extremely frustrating ;) It's no problem while the strength is still low by the way, just because you lose the ability to move when the hunger drains your stats.
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05-18-2018 04:55 PM
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You are starving.|You are starving. You are starving! You are STARVING!! You ARE STARVING!!! YOU ARE STARVING!!!! YOU ARE *STARVING*!!!!! YOU *ARE* *STARVING*!!!!!! *YOU* *ARE* *STARVING*!!!!!!!

05-18-2018 05:23 PM
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In the bottom left corner of the interface! Requires superhuman skill level to keep an eye on that while talking a relaxed walk back to the surface ;)

05-18-2018 05:34 PM
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Ah, a tiles player. In that case you can try increasing the size of warning_starving.png. ;-)

05-18-2018 05:47 PM
Don't you get a "more" prompt and a sound effect? If not, set starvation_warning = true in adom.cfg

05-18-2018 07:35 PM
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Quote Originally Posted by Grond
Ah, a tiles player. In that case you can try increasing the size of warning_starving.png. ;-)

Actually I prefere ASCII, but I am preparing for a new youtube series and the guys n girls enjoy tiles a bit more ;)
The increased size warning sign is amazing! I have to figure out how this overwhelming life-saver works :D

05-21-2018 04:45 AM
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Heyyy, It's Gordon Overkill. :D I've been missing your videos, so it's good to have you back.

06-25-2018 02:50 PM
I agree with the idea of a popup (that you have to respond to one of the prompt options), or having a big warning as the default setting in NotEye. I used to play in ASCII and you basically can't fail to notice starvation....but in tiles, it's surprisingly subtle with the default settings. I had a character (carrying plenty of food!) starve to death in the wilderness shortly after I picked ADOM back up, just because I was clicking arrows quickly because I knew where I was walking to.

09-10-2018 12:28 PM
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Starting with ADOM 3.3.0 the tiles version now displays floating texts over the head of the PC to indicate starvation. This is extremely helpful and effective.

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