Strength of Atlas status indicator
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Strength of Atlas status indicator
Add an "Atlas" status indicator at left of screen when the spell is (re-)casted

I just came up with this idea when using the Strength of Atlas spell to carry heavy unpaid items in Waldenbrook's shop. I thought it'd be cool and useful to have a status warning for Strength of Atlas when it is in effect. It'll help when you're carrying items way above your natural capacity, so you know when to drop extra luggage even before the effect is about to expire. So it'll be a second line of defense from "dumb deaths by luggage." Some people would probably claim that the "You feel your great strength waning." message would be enough to not require the indicator, but still, I'm interested in people's thoughts about it and how esp. the Creator would consider this suggestion. What do you guys think?
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07-09-2018 07:48 PM
Since the new interface, it has killed me. I don't know that a status indicator would help since with tiles attention is at the center of the screen. Something there would be good. I even have that message in RED, and still miss it. Same with Invis when you have see-invis. No change on the avatar means it goes unnoticed too often.

09-10-2018 12:06 PM
The Creator
With ADOM 3.3.0 (graphical version) ADOM now provides all kinds of floating information texts. A waning strength of atlas spell creates such a floating information over the head of the PC which IMHo works extremely well.

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