Inventory and equipment bugs
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Inventory and equipment bugs
There's a variety of odd behavior related to the inventory system and items.

There's a variety of quirks related to the inventory system and items/equipment the player can use. These are:

1. According the changelog, the New Year's Eve gift (6 blessed potions of booze) is supposed to be identified right away, but it's not.
2. The heir gift doesn't seem to adjust starting Strength (more information here). Additionally, Merchants may start overburdened if they pick enough gold-increasing talents.
3. If you are wearing an unidentified cursed ring and something else in the gauntlets slot, the cursed status of the ring is revealed, instead of telling you to take your gauntlets off first.
4. Stacking figurines aren't identified after you use one from the stack (figurine -> -monster- figurine of wondrous power)
5. Appraised torches won't show the amount of fuel left (but using Identify or Greater Identify on them fixes it).
6. If the PC wields a cursed weapon, he can't remove gloves and thus rings. But if they hold cursed shields in one or both hands, they're still able to remove gloves.

Proposed solutions:
1. Automatically identify those potions.
2. Take the weight of the Heir gift, as well as starting gold, into consideration when adjusting Strength so that the PC never starts Burdened.
3. Tell the player he must take gloves off instead.
4. Automatically identify stacking figurines when one of them is used.
5. Automatically show the amount of fuel left in an appraised torch that's just been lit instead of its appraisal rating.
6. Make cursed shields act just like cursed melee weapons.

How to reproduce it
See above.

See above.
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