Strength of Atlas can expire in unenterable wilderness locations
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Strength of Atlas can expire in unenterable wilderness locations
The Strength of Atlas can wear off in wilderness locations the PC can't enter.

Strength of Atlas can expire in wilderness tiles the PC can't enter for whatever reason (e.g. stone circle, quickling tree), potentially leaving him overburdened and unable to move. If unable to eat the extra load, all he can do is starve to (unfair) death.

How to reproduce it
Overburden your PC. Cast the Strength of Atlas spell. Get to a location you can't enter (see below) and rest there until the spell expires. Now you're overburdened and can't move nor enter that location to drop items/cast the spell again. If you can't get to Strained! or below eating food, say goodbye to this character.

The changelog says this has been fixed, but I checked it in 1.1.1 and it hasn't.

The spell shouldn't be able to expire if the PC is standing on any of the following wilderness locations.
* Pyramid (level restriction)
* Quickling tree (weight restriction)
* Ruined city (level restriction)
* Deep rift (several restrictions)
* Stone circle (time restriction)
* Water tiles (they can never be entered)
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I don't really think this is a bug. The spell is doing exactly what it is supposed to. It's just bad luck for the player. SoA gives you plenty of warnings anyway.

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Quote Originally Posted by Changelog
Fixed a bug where an expiring strength of atlas spell could get you stuck in some locations without a means for recovery.
Apparently the Creator thought otherwise, but the code for that seems not to work.

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