Testing is hampered by no access to message history
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Testing is hampered by no access to message history
Feature request helpful to playtesting/debugging, then whining about skills

High Priority Thing:
The only thing crucially needed is the message history - for example, I *think* there's a bug where monsters can sometimes hit you while they are chasing you from many paces away ("someone hits you") but it's hard to tell what's going on because the message vanishes and I can't review the message history. At first I thought this was an invisible monster but that doesn't seem to be it. I've seen this message several time but while jumping around looking for an invisible monster to stab it goes away.

Unrelated suggestions:
The way you have character levels make skills cheaper (that seems to be how it works - or is it skill practice?) is funky. You are strongly encouraged to bank skill points and then spend them when you are higher level so that the skills are cheaper.

Instead of making high levels in classes make the skills cheaper, suggest having high levels in classes give a % bonus to the number of ranks you get in the skill, which would be mathematically the same (if you picked the right #s) but would no longer encourage you to bank skill points.

So for example - 3 lvls of Barbarian, instead of making Athletics skill cheaper (by some complicated amount) would give you +30% to the ranks you'd invested in Athletics, so 10 ranks -> +13 (including presumably for synergy bonuses.)
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