Half DV bonus from the Unarmed Fighting skill is only given if the right hand slot is free
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Half DV bonus from the Unarmed Fighting skill is only given if the right hand slot is free
The PC can receive a DV bonus worth half what he'd get from fighting unarmed, but *only* if the *right* hand slot is free.

If the player is wielding a single weapon with no shield, or a two-handed weapon, and has a high enough Unarmed Fighting weapon skill, he will receive a DV bonus of half what he'd get from said skill if he were to fight unarmed - but only if the right hand slot is free - i.e. the aforementioned weapons are equipped in the left hand slot. It feels like the DV bonus should be granted as long as either hand is free.

How to reproduce it
Having at least level 6 proficiency in the Unarmed Fighting skill (which grants +2 DV), wield a single weapon in your right hand. Note your PC's new DV. Now equip the same weapon in the left hand. Note the difference.

Section G of the ADOM manual makes some noteworthy comments.

Note that ADOM traditionally assumes that everyone is right-handed and thus your right hand will be your stronger hand. This might (in certain cases) result in reduced bonusses if your character for whatever reason prefers to wield weapon in his off-hand.
Could this behavior be intentional, under that reasoning?

Wielding a shield does not count as fighting unarmed since it impedes your mobility.
This is consistent with reality - wielding a shield in either hand prevents the Unarmed Fighting skill from granting any kind of DV bonus.

If a character wields two melee weapons, his DV modifier is calculated by taking the DV modifier of the weapon in the right hand plus one-half of the DV modifier of the left hand weapon. If the character fights without any weapon he will receive DV bonuses but once.
(Emphasis added) This is an interesting comment. Maybe the reason this quirky bonus is granted in the first place is actually a bug in the code handling this?
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Isn't the fact that this works with two handed weapons another bug?

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Issue 2001 is a related bug.

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