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Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM) is an epic roguelike & RPG game, customizable to a wide variety of playing styles. Dive into mysteries created in more than a quarter century of development, explore a huge world and become a champion of order or chaos. Save the world of Ancardia or rule it with an iron fist... or chaos tentacle!

Incredible Depth


Overwhelming numbers

  • 431 deadly monsters
  • 738 wondrous items with hundreds of thousands of variants
  • 12 playable races
  • 22 character professions
  • 100 character talents
  • 47 amazing spells
  • 41 skills
  • 35 corruptions that make you a lot more powerful... while proving that total power also causes total corruption
  • 3 alignments with 7 degrees
  • 13 ways to end the game, of which only 7 could be considered a win (well, kind of)
  • hundreds of randomized dungeons in many different environments

Lots of ways to play

  • Blow things up with Alchemy
  • Use Mindcraft to confuse your foes
  • Farm and gather powerful herbs
  • Fight with sword and bow. And a multitude of other ranged and melee weapons
  • Cast spells and harness the powers of magic
  • Don't fight alone. Gather companions or slaves
  • Smith armor and weapons
  • Worship the gods and experience their wonders or wrath. Or both
  • Become a champion of your cause
  • Enter the thieves guild. Or even become its head
  • Slay gods. Or ascend yourself!

So many ways to die

  • Bleed to death
  • Get eaten by a Grue
  • Die of poison
  • Freeze to death
  • Get blown up by a Fire Vortex
  • Dissolve in a Giant Slugs' Acid Breath
  • Fall into a Pit Trap
  • Get smashed by a Stone Block (without wearing a helmet!)
  • Fall down the stairs
  • Burn alive in the Tower of Eternal Flames
  • Turn into a Writhing Mass of Primal Chaos
  • Starve to death
  • Or experience one of many hundred other creative ways to leave the world...

Endless Variety


Roguelike Mode

Roguelike Icon

Experience 1994 game design philosophy at its finest. Oh sure, you can save your game and come back to it anytime... but once you die, that's it. End of the line, saves are gone, re-roll character.

Winning a game in this mode is something to tell your grandchildren about.


Story Mode

Roleplaying Icon

Interested in the story itself? Tired of dying around character level six? In this mode you can save anytime and load whenever you wish, even after dying. Just like any other RPG out there.

You can leisurely explore everything ADOM has to offer without worrying about your character getting abruptly wiped out forevermore. Have fun!


Challenge Mode

Challenge Icon

Weekly brain-teasers at various skill levels to help you master the game or let you prove that you've already mastered it.


Network Mode

Coop Icon

Why not get a little help when battling the forces of chaos? Thanks to the Steam integration in this mode the way you play can influence your friends' game as well. The more players join in, the easier it gets, so band together to even out the odds.


Tutorial Mode

Tutorial Icon

New to ADOM? get an easy introduction to the game, learn all important commands with a guided hint system and get some advice on how to play. Includes a tutorial dungeon in order to get you acquainted with the environment at lightning speed.


Exploration Mode

Exploration Icon

Ever dreamt of wishing for eternium plate mail? A girdle of giant strength? Or something else? The exploration mode lets you play around with a wand of wishing in order to get access to stuff you rarely might find. No highscores to be won, but lots of knowledge!


Modern Classic


Steam Integration

Steam Icon

Fully functional Steam Overlay features and many other goodies provided by Steam.

Really handy stuff, even if it seems kind of obvious in this day and age. Just remember ADOM started its career in 1994, and 20 years later it integrates seamlessly with 21st century tech. Epic!

Ghost Exchange

Ghost Exchange

Ghost Exchange Icon

Died? It's not the end of the line for your adventurer yet. Ghosts of your previous unfortunate characters can invade your Steam friends' games. It works two ways: you will encounter vengeful spirits of deceased heroes haunting the dungeons in which they perished.

This introduces an extraordinary twist to the game, and adds unique challenges and rewards. Defeat the dead, or join their ranks!


Community Highscores

Highscores Icon

Show'em who's boss! You can upload your best scores in any game mode - most notably Weekly Challenges and Roguelike Mode. They will be displayed on ADOM's community site and bestow bragging rights upon you until the end of time... or until your friend beats your score, of course.



Achievements Icon

A natural consequence of being on Steam - lots of achievements to strive for. Getting them all will definitely take some time.

One thing's for sure - completing ADOM in Roguelike mode is still the one achievement to rule them all.



Highscores Icon

Check out ADOM the way it was back in 1994. No graphics, just ASCII characters to explain what's going on around you. At any point in the game you can switch between ASCII and tile modes - experience the game as a die-hard veteran would, or enjoy the sleek tileset and graphical effects.

Note that ASCII mode can be enhanced with extra graphical features such as healthbars and colored messages.


Tile Mode

Achievements Icon

Yes, that's the same scene as the one on the left - your elf paladin character, a weapon on the ground and a hostile kobold. Tile mode makes it easier for new players to explore ADOM.

You get the same information as in ASCII mode, but a lot more is visible at first glance rather than through special commands. Neat!


Awesome Community

Community Forums

Official Community ForumsOfficial Seal

The best place to get you started on your ADOM journey. You can ask questions, get advice, brag about your latest victory or share an amusing death. There's also a dedicated ADOM development section where you can report bugs and request features/enhancements to the game.

Steam Group

Steam Community Hub Official Seal

Best place to get you started on your ADOM journey. You can ask questions, get advice, brag about your latest victory or share an amusing death. There's also a dedicated ADOM development section where you can report bugs and request features/enhancements to the game.


Rogueleague.org Official Seal

Rogue League, the Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) community site. Here your characters can be immortalized forever, you can access various statistics about the game, learn about how other people play the game and more.



This is probably the most complete ADOM Wiki out there. Maintained by active editors who keep the info accurate and fresh. Warning! Contains spoilers.


Discord Server

ADOM channel on the Roguelikes Discord server. Best place to find people playing and streaming ADOM games.

Press Kit

Roguelike Icon

Contains screenshots, promo video, features description, key art and concept illustrations, team info, history summary including crowdfunding success details. Also music samples, logos and in-game sprites.

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